Thursday, July 8, 2010

a tour of my kitchen

please forgive my absence, i have been busy preparing to move. again. i do that a lot. i have mixed feelings about this one though, there are some things i will totally miss about this place and there are things i most definitely will not. for example: my tiny kitchen. it's not the world's smallest by any means, there's actually plenty of room to move around, but there is very little cupboard space and even less counter space. this problem is compounded by the fact that i have roommates. plural. so here's my tribute/goodbye to this space and a little insight for you.
see why i'm glad to get out of here?


Ashley said...

What? Spicy magnets? Yes please!

Do you know where you are moving?

Lindsay said...

home for a month and then...who knows i'll definitely keep you updated though.

the spicy magnets are fantastic! the magnets are from ikea and i just filled them with the spices i use most and want to have accessible.

Ashley said...

Wow, you are creative!

Chess said...

Spice magnets sound awesome. I think we should go on a trip to Ikea, so that you can show me awesome things to buy. Haha! :-)

Deon said...

Wha . . . ? You're leaving? Oh no! And I still have a video your mother sent home with me! Perhaps I'll leave it at Grandma Bea's house because you might be more likely to pick it up there than here? I'll do whatever. (I'm also more than a little embarrassed that I haven't passed the video along to you yet. YIKES.) But I'm so sad you are leaving the bubble :( Hopefully, this will be a move in the direction of bigger and better things.

Thanks for the awesome tour of your kitchen! I feel like I have just had the chance to peek and sneak and snoop on the sly :D

Good luck, Lindsay! Yes, you better be sure to post daily updates!!! And I mean it, missy!