Wednesday, June 30, 2010

foodies are like trekkies only fatter...

foodie [foo-dee]
-noun Slang.
a person keenly interested in food, esp. in eating or cooking.

food + -ie, perh. in part extracted from junkie

i have this friend, let's call her chessie (i think she'll be okay with that since it's her name), who writes a pretty fantastic blog which i adore. yesterday she posted this little dilly-o about foodies and their blogs. well, i am now publicly admitting that i have the same obsession, except i have taken mine one step farther. i don't just read the blogs, i actually make the food. i am a foodie, and then some. i even read cookbooks. well, that's not entirely true. i don't actually read them, i mostly just look at the pictures. the only reading i really do is that of the recipe titles, then i go make up my own recipes inspired by said titles. why not read the recipe? 2 reasons.
1) i'm too lazy and i get distracted easily. 
2) i'm not good at following instructions. especially really specific ones.
besides, i'm convinced that my version is just as good as, if not better than, any recipe i've ever "read". betty crocker needn't worry though, i'm not about to get rid of my beloved books. there is something comforting about stepping into a kitchen and looking at a shelf of tried-and-true-recipe filled cookbooks, even if i don't read them. i get the same excitement "reading" recipes in the blogosphere. okay, not exactly the same, but close. in fact i get excited enough that i am now writing my own. this one. you're already here so i don't need to share the link or anything, but you could probably use a little information about what to expect, especially since i have already admitted to not using recipes. so, here's the deal, i fully intend to write down what i do in the kitchen (a rare feat for me) and post it here for you to enjoy, complete with pictures, because how can you truly appreciate the deliciousness if you can't see it? i will also occasionally post stories, randomness and anything else i feel like sharing-food related, of course.
WARNING: you should not, by any means, expect exactness of any sort. measurements will be approximate at best, and i make absolutely no guarantees about anything.
except this one, i personally guarantee that i will eat before i post and thus will not post anything that cannot be described as a belly full of goodness.

p.s. if you read my other blog you know i hate to capitalize. just a heads up for you newbies.

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